We’re Back!

I knocked off for 15 months because of the plague, but I guess a plague is just something we had to get used to.

The good news is that AMLO, the President of Mexico, claims that 80% of the people in the state of Chihuahua are vaccinated. Almost everyone I talk to in Juarez has been vaxed. All the waiters, and the bartenders, and the people tending the kiosks in the markets.

But Juarez is still enforcing COVID protocols, like temperature scans before you go into restaurants, and limited capacities.

And I am fully vaccinated (Moderna).

Of course, Juarez has changed. Nothing ever stays the same. El Recreo has closed. Don Antonio passed away in March, 2020. El Recreo opened in 1921, and it was probably my favorite bar on the planet, but there are a handful of bars on the planet that I haven’t been to. Yet.

But it’s still Juarez. And the history hasn’t changed, except as much as history changes.

And there are still cantinas and restaurants and mercados that I’d love to show you.

So drop me a line. Let’s do this.

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