Brass Tacks

Hey y’all.

Thanks for considering my Juarez Walking Tour. Mexico is wonderful, and from El Paso, it’s a ten minute walk. Or less.

Let’s get the painful part out of the way. I charge $25 a person, with a $50 minimum. If you have way more fun than you thought you would, maybe you can throw in a little more. I’m not going to scare you off by asking you for what I think the tour is worth. I’ll let you decide.

You don’t pay me till after the tour, so if you think that you didn’t get your money’s worth, you don’t have to pay me at all.

The whole tour usually takes about three hours, if we stop at a couple of the oldest cantinas in Juarez and only eat street food as we walk. If you want a sit down meal, it might take longer. If you’re having a lot of fun, it might take longer, because time flies when you’re having fun. If my wife’s out of town, it may take longer, because no one likes to go home to an empty house, but to tell you the truth, I’m pretty busy these days. If you have less time, we can hit the highlights. I know downtown Juarez better than anyone (so far), and I can tailor your tour to your interests and time constraints.

The tour starts at the top of the Paso del Norte bridge, which is at the end of South El Paso Street. The bridge toll is fifty cents U.S. I’ll meet you there, because I don’t want people to get the mistaken impression that I’m giving an El Paso tour. I don’t want to run afoul of licensing laws, or not paying El Paso sales tax, when all my business takes place in Juarez. If you’re there right on time, I’ll probably be able to walk with you through the turnstile and up to the top of the bridge. If you’re running a little late, and you’d like for me to escort you, gimme a call and I’ll be happy to wait at the foot of the bridge. Purely as a courtesy.

If you’re driving, you can leave your car in parking lots on Santa Fe Street. There’s an attended parking lot at 919 South Santa Fe. They charge four dollars for all day, like a parking buffet. Head past the sculpture across the street, pay the attendant at the booth, and head to the top of the bridge.

I usually show up right on time. Rarely I’m as much as five minutes late, except for that one time that I forgot that I had a tour at all. I was headed to a jobsite when my cellphone rang, and I ended up being forty minutes late.

But I’ll call you. The night before or the morning of the tour. To make sure that life hasn’t interfered with our plans. If you don’t hear from me, please call. 915.820.1628.

So now you know how. Call me and book your Juarez experience today.